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A new album from Derren Raser

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The Story

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In 2018, our daughter Grace was born with only half of a working heart (a congenital condition know as Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome, or HLHS). She had an open-heart surgery when she was only 4-days old, and spent the first 18 months of her life in the cardiovascular intensive care unit at our local children's hospital. During that time my wife Lisa and I essential lived with her in the ICU. Grace passed away in 2021 after three complicated and deeply beautiful years with us. During her life, Lisa and I strove to bring music into both her hospital room and her room at home as much as possible, in order to help balance out all the noise of of the ICU's machines and alarms, and the constant distractions and interruptions of daily life in the ICU. Grace loved music so much, and it was healing for our family during that time. This album captures some of the songs that became a part of our shared life together during Grace's life, and breathes life into others that have also been meaningful to us over time. Music was, and remains healing to our family, and our hope is that this album with spread the healing power of music to you, and to others - especially those who are living through a challenging time.

Grace was a special little girl who had an open-heart surgery at 4 days old, and spent the first 18 months of her life in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. 

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How Your Support
Brings Music to Families in the ICU

Your support helps to bring 
Heartsongs & Lullabies to families with sick children in the ICU.

Part of the Raser family's dream for this project has been to gift free copies of Heartsongs & Lullabies to other families with sick children in the ICU, in order to help bring the healing power of music into the ICU space. Derren and his family are working with their local children's hospital, as well as with local partners, to bring this special collection of songs to families. When you purchase a copy of Heartsongs & Lullabies a portion of those proceeds go toward helping this program continue and hopefully expand to other children's hospitals across the country.

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